Plan for developing Eurasian transport corridors approved

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Board has approved a comprehensive plan for developing the Eurasian transport corridors until 2025. The document includes 10 measures and is aimed at implementing the key provisions of the EAEU transport policy, covering almost all aspects of the activities of the "five" countries and the Commission for transport infrastructure development.

“This is a very important document for our countries. It is needed for further establishment of the EAEU common transport space, integration of the five countries' transport systems into the global transport system, fulfilling and developing transit potential within the Union," noted Arzybek Kozhoshev, EEC Minister in charge of Energy and Infrastructure. 

Elaboration of the comprehensive plan was a logical continuation of the work on creating and developing the Eurasian transport corridors, the list of which was approved by the Board's Disposition dated October 26, 2021. The document was prepared in accordance with the roadmap for implementing the Main Directions and Stages of the EAEU countries' coordinated transport policy for 2021-2023.

This entails the elaboration of target indicators for developing the Eurasian transport corridors and preparing passports for these routes, as well as identifying and eliminating bottlenecks.

When drafting the document, information on the EAEU countries concerning developing road, rail and port infrastructure included in the list of the Eurasian transport corridors was taken into account. In the future, it is planned to update the information on a permanent basis, which will make it possible to monitor the implementation of measures included in the plan.