11.05.2023 (Обновлено: 15.05.2023 09:34)

Common approaches to protecting consumer rights in EAEU e-commerce approved

The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission approved the common approaches to protecting consumer rights in electronic commerce, recommended for inclusion into the legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union Member States.

The recommendation provisions are based on the results of a large-scale survey of citizens of the Union countries conducted by the Commission, and were developed taking into account the main factors that determine the specifics of consumer protection in this area.

The document contains a list of information, including the price and terms of purchases and returns that must be provided to consumers, as well as the attributes of unfair acts and the specifics of establishing liability for violation of consumer rights in electronic commerce.

Among the common approaches, there is a provision stipulating that consumer rights in electronic commerce should be protected at a level not lower than that the EAEU countries ensure for conventional commerce. It is also affirmed that consumer rights enforcement is the responsibility of the e-commerce platform and the person selling goods on the Internet. Liability for violation of consumer rights should be established in accordance with the laws of the country of the consumer, on which the activities of the online store are focused. E-commerce platforms should take steps to ensure that online stores respect consumer rights and to facilitate the resolution of disputes between them and consumers.

In addition, the document contains recommended basic approaches to dispute resolution in e-commerce. For instance, consumers should be able to reject the electronically purchased goods at any time before their transfer, and within no less than fourteen calendar days after the transfer of the goods. The time frame for returning the amount of money paid by the consumer should not exceed seven calendar days from the date the consumer submits a relevant request. The online store should review the consumer's claim within ten calendar days from the date of its submission.

The Commission's recommendation was developed in pursuance of the Strategic Directions for the Development of Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025, as well as the Joint Action Program of the Union Member States in the Field of Consumer Rights Protection, and is aimed at enhancing guarantees for the protection of consumer rights of citizens and convergence of the Member States' legislation in this area.