EEC discussed issues related to stay of self-employed persons from EAEU countries in Russia

Questions concerning the period of stay of citizens of the Eurasian Economic Union States working in the Russian Federation as self-employed persons were considered by participants in the working group on migration under the Advisory Committee on Migration Policy under the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the EEC, authorized authorities of the Union countries, as well as experts on migration and social protection issues.

Oleg Artamonov, Deputy Director of the Commission's Department for Labor Migration and Social Protection, said that Russia continued the experiment to introduce the special tax regime called Tax on Professional Income, under which citizens of the Union countries can register as self-employed.

"According to the Federal Tax Service of Russia, over 183,000 self-employed citizens from the EAEU states were registered in the country for the first nine months of 2023," the EEC representative noted.

Participants in the working group (representatives of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs) shared that if a citizen of one of the Union states working in the Russian Federation as a self-employed person had a civil law contract (including a contractor's agreement, or a contract for the purchase of services and other similar contracts), that might be grounds for extending the period of his/her stay in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Following the discussion, it was decided to continue the work on developing a common approach to the mechanism for extending the period of stay of EAEU citizens who are payers of tax on professional income.