02.02.2023 (Обновлено: 13.02.2023 09:17)

Varos Simonyan: "Information exchange between the EAEU countries breaks new ground"

The number of common processes within the Eurasian Economic Union whereby information exchange between the EAEU countries will be carried out, is expected to increase before year-end 2024. This was stated by Varos Simonyan, Minister in charge of Internal Markets, Informatization, Information and Communication Technologies of the Eurasian Economic Commission, during a round table held on the sidelines of the digital forum in Almaty "Digital Almaty 2023: Digital Partnership in the New Reality" involving relevant ministers of the Union countries. 

The EEC Minister emphasized deep involvement of the Member States in implementing common processes within the Union, as well as the countries’ technical readiness in this regard increasing with the Commission’s assistance. 

"The year 2023 will be of fundamental importance for us as we have to solve an ambitious task - to ensure proper functioning of more than 50 common processes in the Union", Varos Simonyan noted.

According to him, before year-end 2024 the EAEU is expected to increase the number of common processes up to 70 whereby the information exchange between the Union countries will be carried out. The Commission makes it its mission to provide full technical and organizational support for G2G information exchange within various business processes.

"Together with current tactical objectives, and guided, inter alia, by the Target Program until 2027, we ensure gradual transition of the Union’s integrated information system to a digital platform, i.e. to a more state-of-the-art and efficient model of interaction", Varos Simonyan summed up.

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Common processes within the EAEU include operations and procedures regulated (established) by international treaties and acts constituting the Union’s law and the Member States’ legislation which begin in the territory of one of the Member States and end (change) in the territory of another.