List of quarantinable products and EAEU common phytosanitary quarantine requirements amended

The List of quarantinable products made more detailed with regard to the item 'Mangifera indica (mango) seeds.'

The common phytosanitary quarantine requirements were supplemented with special phytosanitary quarantine requirements stipulating absence of khapra beetle in some types of quarantinable products (such as shea nuts, shorea nuts, sal tree nuts, Garcinia indica seeds, Mangifera indica (mango) seeds) that might be a source of its distribution.

Khapra beetle is a quarantine item included in the section on quarantine pests absent in the EAEU territory. Khapra beetle larvae can damage wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, peanuts, cotton and flax seeds, flour, pasta and sometimes even paper and burlap.

Moreover, there are technical amendments to the Union's legal acts in the field of plant quarantine (the List of quarantinable products and the Common phytosanitary quarantine requirements) aimed at bringing them into conformity with the current commodity nomenclature of the EAEU foreign economic activities.

The decision by the Commission's Council will ensure an adequate level of phytosanitary quarantine security in the EAEU territory and minimize risks of khapra beetle importation and spread.