EEC approved results of joint actions by EAEU countries in the field of consumer protection

On September 25, the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission approved the results of the work by the Eurasian Economic Union countries achieved during the first year of implementing the Program of Joint Actions for Consumer Rights Protection.

“The program is the first EAEU document aimed at managing the countries' comprehensive work to implement a coordinated policy in this area,” noted Viktor Nazarenko, EEC Minister in charge Technical Regulation. "All countries of the Union are equally involved in the implementation of the Program. Their joint efforts are aimed at ensuring consumer well-being and safety in order to maintain stability of the EAEU internal market.”

The program of joint actions by the EAEU Member States in the field of consumer rights protection was adopted in June 2022 and is valid until 2025. Government bodies, public organizations and business circles all take part in implementing the Program activities.

The key areas of joint work by Member States within the Program are establishing the organizational framework to create a mechanism for addressing the interests of consumers; developing the countries' common approaches in this area; promoting information interaction between the authorized bodies; holding joint events aimed at raising citizen awareness, developing the skills of rational and sustainable consumption, as well as creating the mechanisms for resolving cross-border disputes involving consumers. 

The report prepared by the Commission on this issue provides information on the current situation in the field of consumer protection in the Union, the results of joint work by Member States and proposals for implementing individual Program activities.