22.11.2023 (Обновлено: 27.11.2023 14:36)

EEC Board imposed fines on hookah lounge chain for unfair competition

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Board imposed fines on a company from Belarus and its director for unfair competition in the transboundary market of hookah lounge services. The total amount of fines amounted to about 800,000 Russian rubles.

Earlier, two Russian companies – creators and organizers of the famous chain of hookah lounges "HOOKAH PLACE" – applied to the Commission with a request about unfair acts of the Belarusian company. According to them, the violator misled the consumers about its involvement with a well-known Russian brand. 

The case investigation ascertained that the Belarusian company had registered a trademark in the territory of Belarus, similar to the trademark of the Russian companies, but with a small difference - "HOOKAHPLACE" (in one word). It turned out that the Russian entrepreneurs registered their trademark several years earlier.

In addition to fines, in accordance with the Board's Decision, the Belarusian company must cease and refrain from further actions that may mislead consumers regarding the producer of hookah lounge services.