Module 1

What is economic integration
History of the EAEU formation and development
EAEU economy
EAEU in the system of international relations
How the EAEU works
Macroeconomic policy

Module 2

EAEU Customs Code
Customs payments
"Single Window" mechanism in the FEA regulation system
Authorized economic operator
Common customs registry of intellectual property objects
Pilot project in the field of foreign e-trade in goods

Module 3

EAEU industrial policy
EAEU industrial subsidies
Coordinated agricultural policy of the EAEU
EAEU technical regulation and SPS measures
Unified system of technical regulation
SPS measures

Module 4

Competition protection in the EAEU
Removing obstacles in the EAEU internal market
Accommodation of business interests when adopting the EEC decisions
Intellectual property in the EAEU
Competition in the EAEU markets
Signs of violation of general competition rules in transboundary markets

Module 5

Free movement of services Business opportunities
Common financial market

Module 6

Labour migration in the EAEU single labor market
Pension benefits in the EAEU
Pension benefits in the EAEU

Module 7

Single market of medical products
Single market of medicines
Key areas of integration in the EAEU transport
Common electric power market
Common oil and petroleum products markets
Common gas market

Module 8

Foreign trade policy General provisions
Trade and economic cooperation between the EAEU and third countries
Application of the EAEU internal market protection measures
Digital marking